How to Test Sand Quality at Site? / Sand Quality test

What is Sand and how to check its quality before using it at the site?

What is Sand? 

It is a building material, and sand is a granular material blanketing the beaches, riverbeds and deserts.

There is some field test to find the quality of sand.

Sand Quality test

Test For Bulking Of Sand

  • Take 250 ml. glass cylinder.
  • Fill up with damp sand up to the 200 ml. mark.
  • Slowly pour some water. The sand settles to its actual volume which is less than 200 ml. Mark this level. Let us assume that it is D ml.
  • Then Bulkage is calculated by using the formula

        % Bulkage =  {(200-D)/D} x 100

  • This bulking of sand should be known for proper correction to be applied when calculating dry sand requirements.

Silt Content Of Sand

  • Take a clean 200 ml. measuring cylinder.
  • Fill it with sand up to a certain mark (say the reading is X). Add water above it up to 200 ml. and shake well.
  • Allow a period of 2 hours for settlement.
  • For fast results, we can use salt in it.
  • Clean sand will settle at the bottom with silt and clay impurities on top of the sand layer.
  • Now observe the top-level reading for sand. Assume that it is Y. Then the silt containing in % is given by

       % silt content = {(X-Y)/X} x 100

       Total silt content should not be more than 7% for good quality sand.

Organic Impurities

  • Observe the sand while unloading the truck.
  • Visual inspection shows coloured particles other than sand such as shells, gravels, lime impurities etc.
  • This should not be more than 1% of the total sand received.



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