How to store cement in cement room

How to store cement for a long time.

  • Store cement in a building which is dry, leakproof and as moisture-proof as possible.
  • there should be a minimum number of windows in the storage building.
  • Stack the cement bags off the floor on wooden planks in such a way, so that it is about 150 mm to 200 mm above the floor.
  • Maintain a space of 600 mm all-round between the exterior walls and the stacks.
  • Stack the cement bags close to each other to reduce the circulation of air.
  • The height of the stack should not be more than 10 bags to prevent the possibility of lumping under pressure.
  • The width of the stack should not be more than four bags in length or 3 meters.
  • Do not pile more than 12 bags high and arrange the bags in header and stretcher fashion.
  • Different types of cement must be stacked and stored separately.


Age of Cement Reduction in its Strength (%)
3 Months 20-30 (%)
6 Months 30-40 (%)
12 Months 40-50 (%)


Dimension of Cement Filled Bags

Length of Cement bags:  70 cm (average)
Width of Cement bags:  35 cm (average)
The thickness of Cement bags:  14 cm (average)

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