• Day to day supervisor of ongoing construction work.
  • Maintain proper labour force to complete the specified departmental work.
  • Co-operate with the storekeeper by supplying labourers for unloading the material received on the site.
  • Assist J.E. in technical checking of the ongoing work.
  • Prepare a daily list of the departmental labour employed and allocation of work, as instructed by the engineer.
  • Check and control the wastage of material n site.
  • Calculate the material requirement for a particular job.
  • Co-ordinate with the respective agencies to keep up the speed of project completion.
  • Collect material from the supplier as per the instructions issued by the engineer.
  • Supervise concrete block making work, inspect the quality of blocks and maintain the daily records of quality for casting of the blocks.
  • Write the number and date of casting after de-shuttering of any concreted member.
  • Assist J.E. in preparing daily reports, quality reports, bills etc.
  • Curing  Time Check.
  • Site cleaning regularly after the closing of the day’s work.
  • Check the temporary water and electricity arrangement.
  • Control unnecessary movements of outsiders on the premises.

Responsibilities of the Junior Engineer (J.E.):

  • Technical supervision of the ongoing civil work.
  • Co-ordination between different contractors and agencies to maintain the project speed at the construction site.
  • Control any wastage and improve quality of workmanship.
  • Work out the requirements of different materials for construction.
  • Prepare requisitions for different materials well in advance.
  • Check the material received and prepare quality reports.
  • Assist S.E. in maintaining quality of all civil work such as concreting, masonry, plastering, flooring etc.
  • Collect departmental labour payments from the Head Office and make payments to laboureres with due receipts or vouchers.
  • Make quality checks on the concrete blocks manufactured, along with their recordings.
  • Communicate necessary instructions to supervisors and departmental laboureres.
  • Cash purchasing of the material from the market.
  • Prepare and submit monthly consumption reports, daily progress reports etc. with proper assistance from storekeeper and the supervisor.
  • Assist the Senior Engineer in preparing bills of different contractors.
  • Control stores in absence of the storekeeper.
  • Raise memos to the concerned agencies for minor/major wastages occurred on site.
  • Collect the drawings from the Architect/Structural consultant etc.
  • Inform the Senior Engineer/Project Engineer of the requirement of materials.
  • Discuss technical problems/drawings and execution difficulties with the Senior Engineer/Project Engineer.

Responsibilities of the Quality Control Engineer:

  • To checking the quality of all materials received on site.
  • Check the stacking and storage of materials in various go-downs and stored of the site systematically.
  • Wastage of material at site should be check.
  • Checking of work and reporting it to the Project Engineer.
  • Before the commencement of a new activity the Quality Control Engineer should issue N. O. C. to ensure preliminary preparations of the different stages of the work related activities as per format.
    • Layout
    • Strata
    • R.C.C. work
    • Masonry
    • Plastering
    • Painting
    • Water proofing
    • Plumbing
    • Development work, etc.
  • Checking the safety measures.
  • Observation of details in materials received on site.
  • Check buildings that are complete and ready for possession.
  • Find solutions to practical problems faced during the execution of work, for maintaining optimum quality.
  • Collect various suggestions from site engineers, analyse them and decide on the best alternative.

Responsibilities of the Senior Engineer(S.E.):

  • Co-ordination between different agencies to ensure smooth working of the project.
  • Maintain quality of work and control wastage of materials at the site.
  • Arrange the next day’s work in advance and ensure procurement of material and labour.
  • Discuss the practical problems faced during execution with P.E. and find a suitable solution.
  • Work out the quantities.
  • Prepare requirements of material.
  • Prepare rate analysis of various items.
  • Check the daily progress reports.
  • Prepare rate analysis of various items.
  • Check the daily progress reports.
  • Prepare necessary R.A. bills, cash bills, and final bills as per the work stage.
  • Check any rectifications of structural and finishing work.
  • Report to the C.E. in absence of P.E.
  • Communicate all necessary information from the senior staff to the junior staff.
  • Visit Architects, Structural Consultants, and any other outside offices as per instructions by P.E. or in absence of P.E.
  • Remain present for all types of concreting work.
  • Get the maximum output from the junior staff and the labourers.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the site.
  • Attend to the visitors and clients.

Responsibilities of the Project Engineer (P.E.)/ In-Charge:

  • Complete responsibility of the smooth working of the project.
  • Co-ordination with architectural agency, structural consultants, and other consultants for completion of the scheduled work in time and quality.
  • Keep an overall watch on the working of all the technical/ non-technical staff and getting the maximum output from the team.
  • Attend program meetings, conference meetings, seminars or any meetings.
  • Prepare bar charts, schedules of the project, prepare building wise schedules for quantities and material.
  • Co-ordinate between all the agencies involved to achieve continuous progress at work.
  • Attend to all the visiting clients.



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