How Many Joint In Tiles Fixing? Type of Tiles Joint.

How many types of tiles joints?

Tiles Joint are Two types

  • Paper Joint
  • Spacer Joint

Paper Joint – Placing tiles without any gap in between is called as Paper joint.

Paper Joint Tiles ( Tutorials Tips civil )

Spacer Joint – Placing tiles using spacers for maintaining equal tile joint is called as spacer joint.

Spacer Joint tiles ( Tutorials Tips civil )

Advantage or Disadvantage of Paper Joint of Tiles.

Advantage of Paper joint-

  • Sourcing of tile masons for paper joint is easy, because most of the tile masons have experience in this system from many decades.
  • Additional tools like tile spacers are not required
  • Tile grouting activity is simple and consumption of tile grout is less; hence this system is economically better than spacer joints.

Disadvantage of Paper joint-

  • Since the minor dimensional variation is possible in tiles, paper joints often leads to unequal gaps between the tiles. These gaps are not suitable for proper grouting. So this leads to dust collection.
  • Replacing the damaged tile is difficult, due to nearest tiles also can get damaged during the rectification works.
  • It is very difficult to maintain line & level in the tile joints due to manufacturing variations.

Advantage or Disadvantage of Paper Joint of Tiles.

Advantage of Spacer joint-

  • Since the minor dimensional variation is possible in tiles, spacer joint helps in camouflage those variations.
  • Spacer joints will be filled with the suitable grout.
  • Replacing damaged tile is easy, because we can remove the particular tile without damaging the nearest tiles.
  • Spacer joint is used for the purpose of uniformity in tile joints and for better finish; Aesthetic appearance also improves.

Disadvantage of Paper joint-

  • Currently there are some shortage in trained/experienced tile masons who can work with Spacer joint
  • This system requires additional tools like Spacers & additional material – grouts when comparing with Paper joint.
  • Grouting is an additional activity here and mastering this activity is highly important; this involves one or two days of extra work.


Comparison between Paper Joint & Spacer Joint


Paper Joint Spacer Joint


Not Properly Done Required
Working Time More


Skill Labour

Higher Lower

Maintaining Tile line



Replacing of Tiles Difficult


Finishing Look Medium






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