Aggregate Water Absorption Test / Aggregate Quality Test

What are Aggregates?

Aggregate is a building material that is mixed in fixed proportion with other building materials Like:- Cement and sand to produce concrete.

Before using any kind of materials, we have to check the quality of that materials.

Water Absorption Test

  • After unloading of metal, collect small quantities of metal from different parts of the heap.
  • Mix these quantities and take exactly 2 Kg of metal in a container.
  • Add clean water to totally submerge the metal.
  • Let it be submerged for 24 hours.
  • Weigh the wet metal. The weight will be more than 2 Kg. Note down the difference in weight. Calculate the absorption by the following formula.

% Absorption =  (Difference in weight / Original weight) x 100

For metal to be used in concrete work, water absorption should not be more than 5%.


Aggregate Water Absorption Test / Aggregate Quality Test


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