What is Liquid Tree?

Why is a tree important to us?

We all know why trees are important to us. A tree gives us oxygen & fresh air for living. We can’t imagine our lives without trees and air.

As we know, trees are important to us, Here are some alternate options if we can’t plant a tree.

What is a liquid tree?

Imagine an aquarium with microalgae, except that it is not a tank but will act as a tree. A photobioreactor is a fermenter tank for growing microorganisms that use light energy for photosynthesis. This tank contains microalgae that are set afloat in 600 litres of water.

Through photosynthesis, these microalgae consume CO2 from their surroundings and process it to release pure oxygen. The device has a built-in lightning system powered by solar panels installed on the tanks, capturing light, and converting it to electricity.

This system is equivalent to two 10-year-old trees or 200 square meters of grass. The advantage of microalgae compared to trees is that they are about 10–50 times more efficient than trees. The bioreactors can be built and installed quickly and can start treating polluted air immediately.

Where can we place this liquid tree tank?

⚫ In the city where no space for Plantation.

⚫ Busiest road & city.

⚫ Between crowded Building

⚫ Front of Commercial Building or Pathway

⚫ In the park or garden, use like a seating bench

This Tank Can not replace trees, but it can fill our requirement in the concrete city

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