How to Calculate Cement, Sand Quantity for Plastering?

Mortar Calculation for Plastering work

Point Should Be Know Before Estimating 

Density of Cement                         = 1440 kg/m3

Sand Density                                   = 1450-1500 kg/m3

Density of Aggregate                   = 1450-1550 kg/m3

How many KG in 1 bag of cement  = 50kg

Cement quantity  in litres in 1 bag of cement     = 34.7 litres

1 Bag of cement in  cubic metres     = 0.0347 cubic meter

How many CFT (Cubic Feet)        = 1.226 CFT

Numbers of Bags in 1 cubic metre cement = 28.8 Bags

The specific gravity of cement           = 3.15

Grade of cement                            = 33, 43, 53

Where 33, 43, 53 compressive strength of cement in N/mm2


Area of brick wall for plaster = 3m  3m =9m2plaster quantity

Plaster Thickness = 12mm (Outer-20mm, Inner 12mm)
Volume of mortar = 9m2 x 0.012m            = 0.108m3
Ratio for Plaster Taken is                               = 1 : 6
Sum of ratio is                                                   = 7

Calculation for Cement Volume

Dry Volume of Mortar = 0.108 x 1.35 = 0.1458 m3

Cement= (1/7) x 0.1458 = 0.0208 m3  

Density of Cement is 1440/m3

               = 0.0208 x 1440              = 29.99 kg

               We know each bag of cement is 50 kg

               = (29.99/50)        = 0.599 Bags

Calculation for Sand Volume

Sand = (6/7) x 0.1458      = 0.124m3

The density of Sand is 1450/m3

               = 0.0208 x 1450                = 181.2 kg

Now we find how many CFT (Cubic feet) Required

 As we know that 1m3 = 35.31 CFT

               = 0.124*35.31

               = 4.37 CFT (Cubic Feet)

Download Excel sheet Calculator For Plastering 

excel sheet




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    excellent, sir

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    The calculation is amazing; it quiet comprehensible, I really appreciate. Thanks.

  5. Sendil nathan says:

    How to calculate the steel? Steel calculation formula =( d×d)/164 . Example suppose d= 8mm , sol = 64/164= 0.392 . Any doubts please contact

    • Surendra says:

      Calculation for steel
      Unit weight = d^2/162
      d = dia of bar
      And total qnty = Nxd^2/162xL
      L= length of bar
      N=nos of bar
      For steel calculation length of bar and shape of bar bar bending schedule knowledge

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      What is 164

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    Why multiplying 1.35 in dry volume calculation


    How much cement bags will be used for 20 cum plaster area

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    Please Specify 1.35

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    I want to know how to calculate the plasterwork of a round shape, repairing work type?

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    You have explained it very easily.
    Step by step, Materials volume calculations and how to convert volume requirements to weight.
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    sand calculation wrong ( 01.24*1450) you mentioned ( 0.0208*1450)

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    How to calculate primer/paint/putty requirement for brick walls

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    chec sand should be 0.124.not 0.0208

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    There’s wrong in the last part of this calculation that’s instead of putting 0.124cubic meter of sand
    you put 0.0208cubic meter which is the one of cement

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    Dear, Plaster Area, Calculation is good. Kindly Note that you have not considered the Wastage Factor, which is normally 10 %. Thank You.

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    Please specify 1.35?

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      we always calculate material quantity in dry formate so we take 34 % more than wet volume,

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    This is a great tutorial! I have been trying to calculate the cement and sand quantity for plastering for a while now and this has been a great help!

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    This is a great tutorial! I have been trying to calculate the cement and sand quantity for plastering for a while now and this has been a great help!

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