Architectural & Structure Drawings of Small House Plan and Download AutoCAD Drawings

15′ x 50′ Small house all structure Drawing in AutoCad File Format.

Here you can download AutoCAD Format of Working & Architectural Drawings of 15′ X 50′ Small house Plan.

In this CAD File you can see.

House Plan 15 x 50

Working & Architectural Drawings.

  • Plan of ( 15′ X 50′ )
  • Slab Electrical
  • Wall Electrical and Levels
  • Plumbing Drawing
  • Sanitary Drawings
  • Brick Masonry
  • Door Window Schedule
  • Elevation Details
15' X 50' House Plan

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Structural DrawingsFront Elevation for small house 15 x 50

  • Plot Layout & Grid Layout
  • Column Layout & Details
  • Footing Layout & Details
  • Plinth Beam Layout & Details
  • Plinth Slab Layout & Details
  • Ground Floor Beam Layout & Details
  • Ground Slab Layout & Details
  • First Floor Beam Layout & Details
  • First Floor Slab Layout & Details
  • Second Floor Beam Layout & Details
  • Second Floor Slab Layout & Details
15' X 50' House Plan

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For Better Understanding Watch this Video.

This drawing is only for Learning purpose not for execution.

Declaimer :- All designs or drawing in this website only for Leaning purpose or as sample file. Do check with your engineer before using it. Not all drawing is for execution. @tutorialstipscivil



                         load bearing structure

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