Type of Billing Work (Civil Work Billing)

Record of bills

As work progress, the payments are made to the contractor on the basis of bills submitted by Junior Engineer and thoroughly checked and passed by Sub Divisional Officer. The bills are prepared for the work done or supplies made by the contractor and simultaneously measured, recorded in measurement book and abstracted. After thorough checking and scrutiny S.D.O or A.E give pay order in the bill and in the M.B and payment is made by cheque or PFMS by the disbursing officer.

In a prescribed form a bill is prepared. Usually three types of bills are prepared by Junior Engineer for the payment against the work done by contractor.

  1. First and Final Bill

  2. Running  Bill

  3. Final Bill

  1. First and Final Bill:

    This form is used for making payments to the contractor for the works as well as supplies. When a single payment is to be done on the completion for works as well as supply, it is called First and Final bill.

  2. Running Account Bill

    During the progress of work the contractor raises intermediate bills for the completed work and gets payment time to time after checking of interim bills.

  3. Final Bill:

Final bill means the bill on which the final payment is made on the completion of work and is full settlement of account.

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