Civil Engineering Basic Interview Question Answer For Site Engineer

Here are some basic and very Important Civil Engineering Q&A for fresher 

civil engineering interview

  • While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, what slump should not exceed?

A. 5.0 cm


  • Slump test is done for?

A. Concrete


  • The commonly used material in the manufacture of cement is?

A. Lime Stone 


 Sandstone is?

A. Sedimentary Rock


 What is a projection line?

A. Projection line is the way, in which the earth is shown on a flat piece of Paper.


 What is the meaning of soil reinforcement? 

A. Soil reinforcement is the act of improving soil strength to enable it to support or carry more load. 


  • How do you measure concrete? 

A. Cubic Feet, Cubic Yards, Cubic Meter


  •  What do you mean by honeycomb in concrete?

A. Some people call it an air pocket in the concrete. It is the exposed course aggregates on the surface of concrete without being covered by mortar or surrounding the aggregate particles.


 How long does it take concrete to harden?

A. It takes 28 days to cure.

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