Interview Questions (Based on Building Materials & Building Construction )

Q.- What is the effect of an excess amount of silica in brick??

A.- If alumina is present in excess with the inadequate quantity of sand, the raw brick shrink and wrap during drying and burning.

Q.- What is the technical name for a mixture of marble chips and cement ??

A.- Terrazo (Used as flooring Material)

Q.- What is quick lime??

A.- The lime obtained by the comparatively pure limestone is known as quick lime.

Q.- Which type of foundation is most suitable in black cotton soil?

A.- Under –reamed piles

Q.- Why plate load test is carried out ??

A.-To determine the ultimate load-bearing capacity of soil and the settlement under the given load.

Q.- State the nominal size and actual size of a modular brick.

A.- Nominal size:20×10×10cm.  Actual size: 19×9×9cm.

Q.- Explain the header in brick masonry.

A.- A full brick when laid with its length perpendicular to the face of the wall is called a header.

Q.- What do you mean by nosing in stairs ??

A.-The projecting part of the tread beyond the face of the riser.

Q.- Explain Coffer Dams.

A.- A temporary structure constructed in the river, lake etc. for excluding water from a given site to enable the building operation to be performed on dry surface.

Q.- For determining the toughness of a stone, which test is carried out ??

A.- Impact Test




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