Basic Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Related to Concrete & Cement.

Basic Interview Question and Answer for Civil Engineer. These are very basic and common question ask by a fresher civil engineer.

Q. Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) has been classified into how many grades?

  • According to IS 269-1976. It was revised in 1991 and IS 1489-1991 included 3 grades namely, 33 grade, 43 grade and 53 grade.

Q. Concrete is filled in how many layers in slump cone in slump test.

  • According to IS 1199, The fresh concrete is filled in a slump cone in 4 layers. Each layer is tamped 25 times with a 16mm pointed rod.

Q. Which admixture is used to improve workability?

  • Plasticizers help to increase the workability of concrete. It is very helpful as it provides the required workability.

Q. M 20 & M 15 concrete is used for?

  • M20 is used for R.C.C. structures.
  • M15 can be used for ground floor construction work.

Q. In an R.C.C structure, the tension zone lies in the?

  • Bottom In R.C.C. structure.

Also, you have to know about the lapping zone in Beam and Column 

Q. Ready mix plant and central mix plant differ in?

  • Ready mix plants, all the other ingredients are mixed, except water.
  • Central mix plants, water is also mixed along with other ingredients of concrete.

Q. What is the maximum height through which concrete can be poured?

  • It’s 0.8-1 meter, Use a chute for more than 1-meter height.

Q. How many types of machine mixers are available? 

  • There are 3 types of mixers available. 1-Tilting type, 2- Non-tilting type and 3- Pan type mixers.

Q. Compacting is done for?

  • Remove air bubbles, sometimes air gets trapped in it in the form of bubbles. These have to be removed to ensure strength parameters are met.

Q. Concrete is generally placed on a?

  • On Form Work, It should be properly oiled and cleaned before pouring concrete. It can be used to cast beams, slabs, columns, etc.

Q. What is the initial setting time of cement?

  • As per IS code 4031-part 5, the initial setting time of cement is a minimum of 30 minutes.

Q. What are the concrete tests?

  • Slump test,
  • Compressive strength test,
  • Water permeability test,
  • Water absorption test.

Q. How do you check the quality of cement on the site?  

  • ate of Mfg: Cement strength decreases with its age.
  • Colour: Colour should be grey with a light greenish shade and it should be uniform. Colour gives an indication of excess lime or clay.
  • Float test: Good cement won’t float if you throw cement in water.
  • When you put your hand in a cement bag you should feel cool.

For Cement Test on site 

Q. Which equipment is used to test the setting time of cement?

  • Vicat apparatus, Vicat apparatus consists of a needle, used to penetrate the cement paste sample. 

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