What is Air Cleaning Bricks?

What Is Air Cleaning Bricks

With increase in pollution every day, it is becoming more important to have improved Indoor air quality (IAQ). Fortunately, we are aware of the materials that are environment friendly and there is no scarcity of ways to improve IAQ, but most of these methods require energy use to filter the air. This energy consumption emits more carbon and other pollutants into the air over the long run.

To deal with the impure air, Carmen Trudell, assistant professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s school of architecture, invented an inert system that uses the bricks on the exterior of the building to filter out the impure and heavier particles in the air.

Air Cleaning Bricks

The Air Cleaning brick uses conventional brick that has been used extensively and modifies its form by making a few hollow centres that allow the air to filter through it. It is also known as Breath Brick. The concrete bricks pass air into an internal filtration unit that removes heavy elements of the air and separates them down into a hopper at the base of the wall. Clean air is then released into the building, either mechanically or passively. The residuals from the hopper are removed on a regular basis to keep it clean.


Breath brick works as a vacuum cleaner which sucks out all the impurities in the air and acts as a ventilation at the same time. There are other methods as well to keep air conditioned and clean but they are equally harmful because they use harmful chemicals and releases hazardous gases. This is the reason Air cleaning bricks are superior to any other methods for cleaning the air passively.


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