Basic But Important interview question answer related to stone test

Exam or Interview multiple question and answer related to Stone Test

Q 01 Which test is used to find the rate of wear of stones?

  • Answer A: Abrasion test
  • Answer B: Crushing test
  • Answer C: Acid test
  • Answer D: Attrition test

Q 02:Which IS code gives details regarding the tests for weathering on building stones?

  • Answer A: IS 1126
  • Answer B: IS 1125
  • Answer C: IS 1121 PART-4
  • Answer D: IS 1121 PART-2

Q 03In abrasion test, what material is placed in addition to the specimen in the testing apparatus?

  • Answer A: Stainless steel ball
  • Answer B: Metal piece
  • Answer C: Stone piece smaller than specimen
  • Answer D: Cast iron ball

Q 04 Which apparatus is used to test the hardness of stones?

  • Answer A: Los Angeles
  • Answer B: CTM
  • Answer C: Dorry’s
  • Answer D: Deval’s

Q 05 What are the specifications for tamping rod used in impact test?

  • Answer A: 16 mm copper rod with square face
  • Answer B: 16 mm copper rod with rounded end
  • Answer C: 16 mm steel rod with rounded end
  • Answer D: 16 mm steel rod with square face

Q 06 What parameter is being checked for in freezing and thawing test?

  • Answer A: Weathering
  • Answer B: Water absorption
  • Answer C: Durability
  • Answer D: Texture

Q 07 For crushing test what is the size of a specimen to be used?

  • Answer A: 50 × 50 × 50mm
  • Answer B: 100 × 100 × 100mm
  • Answer C: 40 × 40 × 40mm
  • Answer D: 45 × 45 × 45mm

Q 08 Which stone has a hardness of 7 in the Mohr’s hardness scale?

  • Answer A: Calcite
  • Answer B: Quartz
  • Answer C: Gypsum
  • Answer D: Topaz

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