Schedule of Rates (SOR)

What is the Schedule of Rates (SOR)?

A schedule or list of rates of various items is prepared after the analysis of the rates of these items. Such a document is known as the schedule of Rates or S.O.R. It is prepared by large concerns or public bodies such as Central Public Works Department (CPWD), State Governments etc. It becomes very useful, especially in the preparation of estimates and also in deciding the rate of an extra item, carried out by the contractor. Normally a clause in the conditions of the contract is inserted, stating that, any extra item that might occur during the execution of work shall be paid as per the rate in the SOR.

 Important Points to be remembered:

  • In some cases, the contractor may be asked to submit his tender by simply quoting the percentage above or below the S.O.R for carrying out the construction work.
  • The schedule of rates consists of groups of items such as demolishing items, excavation items, concrete items, RCC works, brickwork items etc. and also information regarding the present wages of labour and prices of different items, is given in it.
  • As the rates of items mentioned in the schedule of rates are likely to vary because of continuous changes in the market rate of materials, wages of labour, and cost of carriage etc., Thus schedule of rates are periodically revised, usually after two years.
  • The CPWD is the premier construction organization of the Govt. Of India and it has been responsible for the planning and design, construction and maintenance of a variety of building projects. Hence, the SOR serves as an important document for the CPWD.
  • The CPWD schedule of rates contains the basic rates of materials, labour, carriage etc. of about more than 2500 items and the finished rates of about 3000 items of works covered under different subheads like Building work, Concrete work, water supply etc.
  • The rates of the finished item are worked out by the analysis of rates with the standard requirements of materials, labour and necessary sundries like water charges, contractor’s profit etc.
  • SOR is prepared for both Civil Works and Electrical & Mechanical Works.

Link to download the latest revised CPWD SOR 2018 :

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