Trapezoidal Footing Formula with Example

Trapezoidal Footing Concrete Formula

As you know this type of footing makes from 2 different shapes.

Trapezoidal Footing

  1. Rectangular Cubes (A)
  2. Truncated Pyramid Cubes  (B)

Please See the Image Below:

Trapezoidal Footing Formula

If you want to calculate whole shape volume, you have to calculate both shapes one by one.

Let us Assume the whole shape size and dimensions.

Column Size- 3m X 4m

Column to Top edge Spacing- 0.5m

Whole Footing Size -7m X 8m

The total height of footing is 6m

A Shape Height is 2m

B shape Height is 3m

Trapezoidal Footing FormulaTrapezoidal Footing Formula

Now, we have the whole structure data, Now time to put all data in Formula.

First, we calculate Shape A

as you can see shape A is a just rectangular shape

we know the whole size of the footing is 7m X8m and the A shape Height is 2 m.

Area of A shape

A1 = L x W

A1= 8 x 7 = 56 m2

The volume of A Shape

Volume = Area x height

Volume = 56 x 2 = 112 m3 ———-A

Now we are going to calculate the Truncated Pyramid Cubes’ shape

Trapezoidal Footing Formula

V = h/3 (A1+A2+√((A1 x A2) ) )

Where h is the height of the trapezoidal shape

A1 Area of the lower shape

A2 Area of upper shape

A1 = L x W                        A2 = L x W

A1 = 7 x 8                        A2 = 5 x 4

A1 = 56 m                   A2 = 20 m2

V =3/3 (56+20+√((56 x 20) ) )

V =109.46 m3 ————B

Above we calculate the volume of A (112 m3)

Now we add A+B= 221.46 m3

Trapezoidal Footing Total Volume is 221.46 m3.

For a Better Experience, you can watch this video.

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