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Generals Notes For Structure drawing.

Hare are some basic and important general notes for structure drawing.

1- Given under this heading shall be uniformly application foe R.C.C. work and structure drawing, all structure drawing shall be referred along with architecture drawings.

2- All dimension are in inch/ feet unless noted otherwise do not scale the drawing.

3- Pouring of concrete shall be after checking & satisfaction of site-engineer.

4- Reinforcement (steel) shall be high strength cold deformed bar (HYSD) of grade Fe-500

5- Any minor and major changes are not allowed without written.

6- Reduction In Column Size Shall Be Made From Both Face

7- Concrete . Shall Be M:20 (1:1.5:3) Nominal Mix By Volume For
All R.C.C Members, Average Compressive Strength Of Concrete
Should Not Be Less Then 20 N/Sqmm In 28 Days As Per Is : 456-
2000, If Not Specified.

8- See The Architectural Drawings For Following :

A. Size And Location Of All Door And Window Openings.
B. Size And Location Of All Interior And Exterior Non bearing Partitions.
C. Size And Location Of Floor Drains, Slopes, Depressed Areas Etc
D. Size And Location Of All Floor And Roof Curbs.
E. Floor And Roof Finishes.

9. If Any Discrepancy Found In The Drawing Shall Be Brought To
The Notice Of Consultants/Engineers Before Execution.

10. Lap Length For Reinforcement Shall Be 50 Times Dia Of Bar If
Not Specified

11. Column Ring/Stirrups Should Be At Spacing Of 100 mm C/C
For Length Of 450 mm Above And Below Joints And For Rest
Of Length Ring Spacing Should Be Of 150 mm C/C.

12- Development Length Shall Be 50 Times Dia Of Bar

13- Design Is Based On S.B.C Assumed As 150 Kn/M

De-shuttering Time period

1- Slab- 14 Days
2- Beam side- 24-48 Hours
3- Beam bottom- 14 Days
4- Column Sides- 24-48 Hours (As per engineer  in charge)

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