Top 5 Mobile Apps For Civil Student or Engineer (Civil Apps)

Be smart like your smartphone, Be a Smart Civil Engineer with Smart Mobile Apps.

1. AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD software is a very useful and powerful software for civil engineers. We are not available all time with laptops or desktops at the site, if any urgent work, or need any dimension in our CAD drawing (.dwg) and we don’t have our laptop or PC at a time then this Application will help you out.

AutoCAD 360 is a free CAD Drawing (.dwg) viewing application, with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to view, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings across the web and mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Simplify your site visits with the most powerful drafting and editing tool available.

The AutoCAD 360 mobile app offers an abundance of features and capabilities. Upload and open 2D AutoCAD drawings directly from email or external storage and view all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays. Upgrade to AutoCAD 360 Pro to enable editing and drawing tools. Whether working online or offline, in the office or in the field, design every detail, everywhere.
Every Site Engineer Must have this application on his smartphone.

AutoCAD 360

2. My Civil CalC Civil Apps

This calculator is one of my favourite unit conversion calculators, as we know, at the site we have to do everything fast and accurate, we don’t have much time to do the manual calculation for the area, volume, conversion with meter cube to meter feet, inch to mm etc.

My Civil CalC has a unique feature of assigning measurement units feet-inch/ M/mm also with a calculator to the input numbers and get the desired result along with the unit. You can also convert the calculated results to alternative units by choosing various available converters at the bottom. It is a very time-saving and user-friendly calculator mainly for builders, civil engineers, architects, interior designers, estimators, contractors, billing engineers, and storekeepers. Also, this Application help to convert the value with a calculator Civil Apps.

MY civil calc

3- Civil Sutra

Civil Sutra is specially designed for site engineers, site supervisors, contractors and Architects to provide vital and helpful information.

You can calculate with the app

  • Quantity of concrete
  • Bricks quantity
  • Paint quantity
  • Mortar calculation for plaster
  • Unit Conversion Etc.

Civil Sutra is designed to facilitate the calculation and designing work, Civil Sutra contains standard tables and formulas that will make your work effortless. If you are an engineer you probably already know sometimes how hard it is to do manual calculations on-site and search for various data and details. Maybe sometimes you think there must be a better way to solve the routine problems that make my work easy, effortless and less painful. If you think so, the Civil Sutra is the exact solution for you that you have been looking for a very long time. With Civil Sutra you can do the tedious task just in a few clicks Civil Apps.

4- Civil Engineering Dictionary Offline

Now you need not carry heavy bags full of books Keep all your study stuff on your smartphone.

It is the smart engineering dictionary app designed with keeping in mind each and every requirement of engineers, which is used by civil engineering students, teachers and other professionals as a reference guide.

The dictionary contains more than 10,000 words and their definitions, along with images just you have to put your word and you will get an answer related to that word. The definitions are technical, detailed and explained according to the Civil Engineering field. All the definitions are in simple English for easy understanding Civil Apps.

The main things in this application are it’s offline

Civil Engineering Dictionary Offline Features:

  • Over 4,300 terms, abbreviations and definitions
  • Related entries
  • Search facility
  • Most Popular terms
  • Recently added terms
  • Continually updated and expanding

civil engineering

5- Civil Engineering MCQs

This Civil Engineering app consists of various important topics, Interview series Q&A, which is very useful for every civil engineer. Civil Engineering App will surely fulfil your basics of Civil Engineering.

The Main Objective of the App is to bring faster learning and quick revisions of the subject-wise civil engineering MCQs. This is a great help in exams and Interviews. The civil MCQs are technical, detailed and explained according to the Civil Engineering field. It’s not an ordinary App, it contains MCQs of Civil Engineering and many evolutions as a Timeline feature.

MCQ’s on Major Subjects in Civil Engineering  

1. Building Materials
2. Surveying
3. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
4. Applied Mechanics
5. Hydraulics
6. Waste Water Engineering
7. RCC Structures Design
8. Irrigation
9. Railways
10. Construction Management
11. Theory of Structures
12. Estimating and Costing
13. Docks and Harbours
14. Elements of Remote Sensing
15 Building Construction
16. Concrete Technology
17. Advanced Surveying
18. Strength of Materials
19. Water Resources Engineering
20. Water Supply Engineering
21. Steel Structure Design
22. Highway Engineering
23. Airport Engineering
24. SI Units
25. Structural Design Specifications
26. Engineering Economy
27. Tunneling

Carry your library on your smartphone

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