Top 10 Basic And Important Interview Question & Answer From Surveying Engineering

Some Basic or Important Interview Questions and Answer Based on Surveying (Civil Engineering)


Q.- Differentiate between the Plane surveying and Geodetic surveying.      


  • The surveys in which earth surface is assumed as a plane surface and earth curvature is ignored are called plane surveys.


  • The surveys in which curvature of earth is taken into account and higher degree of accuracy in linear as well as in angular observations is taken are known as geodetic surveys.


Q.- What is M.S.L?

The mean sea level datum obtained by making hourly observations of the tides at any place over a period of 19years is as MSL.

Q.- What is base line in surveying?

The longest of the chain lines used in making a survey is generally regarded as base line.


Q.- Explain fundamental principles of surveying?

  1. To work from whole to the part.
  2. To fix the positions of new stations by at least two independent processes.


Q.- Explain difference between a plan and a map?


  • Plan is constructed by usual orthographic projections, disregarding earth’s curvilinear surface.
  • A plan is drawn on a relatively large scale.


  • If the scale is relatively small, a plan is called a map.
  • A map generally shows some additional features such as relief, and contour lines to indicate undulations on the ground.


Q.- What is purpose of Cadastral Surveys?

Fixing of property lines, to show boundaries of fields, building etc. This is to be done by a revenue engineer.


Q.- What do you understand by Scale in surveying?

Scale is the fixed ratio that every distance on the plan bears with the corresponding distance on ground. For example, 1cm = 10m


Q.- Name different types of chains used in chain surveying?

  1. Metric Chain
  2. Gunter’s Chain
  3. Revenue Chain
  4. Engineer’s chain


Q.- Explain centring in surveying?

The process of setting up the instrument exactly above the station mark. Plumb bob is made use of.


Q.- What are bathymetric curves?

When the contours are drawn under water, they are termed as submarine contours, fathoms or bathymetric curves.


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