Procedure For Casting of Cubes and Testing

Procedure For Casting Of Cubes

The Size of the cube mould is 150mm 

Step-1: – For Taking Sample and Fill Cube Mould

  • Take random samples from the mix in a ghamela, while concreting.cube mould
  • Pour concrete into the cubes in 3 layers.
  • Compact each layer with 35 Nos. of strokes with the tamping rod.
  • Finish the top surface by thapi /trowel after compaction of the last layer.
  • Each specimen should be taken from different locations of the proposed concreting.
  • After 24 hours, remove the specimen from the mould.
  • While removing, take care to avoid breaking the edges.
  • Code the cube with paint or marker. Coding should be self-explanatory, building no. and the date of casting.
  • Submerge the specimen in clean, freshwater until the time of testing.
  • Test 3 specimens for 7 days & 3 specimens for 28 days of curing.

cube mould

Step-2: – For testing the cubes in the in-house lab of the organization, observe the following procedures-

  • Check the coding & numbers of cubes received.
  • Enter the details of cubes in the testing register.
  • Weight the cube & note the figures in the register.
  • Cube size is 150mm cube, then the volume of cube concrete is (150 x 150 x 150) = 0.003375 cubic metre
  • Then Weight of the cube is not more than the volume of cube X concrete density, ( Concrete density is 2400 kg per cubic meter )
  • If the Cube weight is not equal to the calculated weight, then we need to dry our cube again.
  • Inform the concerned person about any damages.
  • Check the dates of casting & testing for 7 & 28 days.
  • Place the cube in the testing machine, so that the load is applied to the opposite side of the cube as cast, i.e., not on top & bottom.
  • Record the maximum load applied to the specimen.
  • Observe the appearance of concrete with the failure & note the same.

cube test

  • Calculate compressive strength = ((Maximum load at failure.))/((Contact area of the cube))
  • Take the average strength of specimen cubes.
  • This average strength represents the strength of concrete of a particular portion of the structure.
  • Prepare the test report & submit it to higher authorities.

Concrete cube strength according to days

  • 7 days- 65%
  • 14 days – 90 %
  • 28 days – 99%

Hacking in structure  curing time period

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