Building Materials Quality Testing and Reporting


Quality consciousness is an important aspect of construction management, especially when it comes to materials. We discuss various practical norms regarding this. Since the site engineer is directly involved with the receipts and use of materials, more weightage is given to the site. Laboratory tests for important materials are also described in this chapter. Building Materials Quality Testing.

Quality Report

  • The quality report should contain the following details.
  • Material description.
  • Quality of material.
  • Challan No. with a date.
  • Details of trademark of material (If any).
  • Name of an engineer who has checked the quality material.
  • Quality tests.

Quality report or Check List for brick

bricks quality report


Quality report or Check List for brick

Cement quality report

Quality report or Check List for brick

Steel quality report

Quality report or Check List of Machine Foundation

Machine foundation quality check list


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