Responsibility of the Storekeeper at Construction Site or Industries

Responsibility of the storekeeper

  • Record the store material receipt and consumption on a daily basis.
  • Checking the stock as per records.
  • Receiving materials, stocking, recording of receipts, assisting J.E. to prepare quality reports of the received materials.
  • Issue materials as per the indent for different works.
  • General supervision on the site regarding wastage of material, improper use of material etc.
  • Recollecting any balance/ unused materials at the end of the working days.
  • Handing over of the charge of material lying in the site premises of the night security personal from the day security guards.
  • Update records on display boards and display slates regarding the stock.
  • Prepare fortnightly/ monthly consumption reports jointly wit the junior engineers.
  • Prepare a list of excess material.
  • Update the stocks periodically.
  • Inform the concerned engineer of the status of balance material in order to raise further indent.
  • Follow up with material suppliers, with prior consent from purchase department, to ensure timely supply.
  • Maintain records of departmental tools, machinery etc. on site.
  • Maintain record of cash purchase.
  • Records of empty cement bags received from contractor.
  • Maintain records of electricity and water bills.
  • Inform the concerned engineer of the working condition of the machinery.

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