What is Measurement Book? and Its Use?

What Is Measurement Books (MB)?

In order to record the measurements of the works done, a measurement book is maintained. This is very important in case of works of public body and hence measurement book is should be maintained carefully.

Following points are to be noted:

MB book cover civil

  • The payments to contractors and others for the work done or other services rendered are made on the basis of measurements recorded in the Measurement Book.
  • The measurement book is the basis of all accounts of quantities whether of works done by Contractors or by labourers employed departmentally, or materials received. It is so written the transactions are readily traceable.
  • These books are considered as very important accounts records and maintained very carefully and accurately as these may have to be produced as evidence in a court of law, if and when required.
  • Recording of measurements.

Entries at commencement of measurements

Each set of measurements to be recorded should commence with entries stating:

  • In the case of bills for works done:   MB Book Civil

    1. Full name of work as given in the agreement/estimate.
    2. Location of work.
    3. Name of contractor.
    4. Number and date of agreement.
    5. Date of written order to commence work.
    6. Actual completion date of work.
    7. Recording measurements Dates.
    8. Reference to previous measurements.
  • In the case of bills for supply of materials:

    1. Name of supplier.
    2. Number and date of supply order/agreement.
  • Purpose of supply in one of the following forms as applicable to the case:

    1. Stock (for all supplies for stock purpose.
    2. “Purchase” for direct issue to the work (full name of the work as given in the estimate is   mentioned).
    3. “Purchase” for (full name of work as given in estimate) for issue to contract…… on……
  • Date of written order to commence the supply.
  • Actual supply Date .
  • Measurements recording m.

Writing of abstract

  • A suitable abstract should then be prepared which should collect in the case of measurements for works done.

Cross reference in case of running account bill

If the measurements are taken in connection with a running contract, a reference to the last set of measurements, if any, is given.

Recording of date of completion.

  • If the entire job or contract has been completed, the date of completion is duly recorded.
  • If the measurements taken are the first set of measurements on a running account, or the first and final measurements, this fact is suitably noted against the entries in the Measurement Book, and in the latter case, the actual date of completion is recorded.

Neat recording of measurements

All measurements are recorded neatly in the Measurement Book.

 Signature of the contractor

The signature of the contractor or his/her authorized representative is obtained in the Measurement Book for each set of measurements.

Measurements in ink

The measurements is recorded in ink.

 Making corrections in measurements Measurement book civil

  • No entry is erased or overwritten. If a mistake is made, it is corrected by crossing out the incorrect words or figures and inserting the correction. The correction thus made is initialled and dated by the officer recording/checking measurements.
  • When any measurements are cancelled or disallowed these must be endorsed by the dated initials of the Officer ordering the cancellation or by a reference to his/her orders, initialled by the Officer who made the measurements, the reasons for cancellation being also recorded.

Page numbering 

  • The pages of the Measurement Books are machine numbered.
  • Entries are recorded continuously and no blank page left or torn out. Any pages or space if left out blank inadvertently is cancelled by diagonal lines, the cancellation being attested and dated.

Recording of measurements only by authorized persons

All items of work in a project irrespective of their cost is measured and recorded by the Junior Engineer-in-charge of the work. It is, however, open to the Assistant Engineer or the

Engineer in Charge to record measurements for any particular item of work himself.

Certification of measurements

The person recording the measurements should record a dated certificate “Measured by me” over his/her full signature in the Measurement Book.


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