TOP 5 Most Desired Home Styles by Customers

See the TOP 5 Most Desired by Customers

There are some styles of homes, such as  homes, that most customers dream of having, right? Therefore, it is important that the architect knows which are the darlings of the moment to show the best ideas within each situation.

To help you create a wonderful project and delight your customers, in today’s post, we separate the 5 styles of homes that are most successful. Follow up!

See the TOP 5 Customers’ Darlings Home Styles

1- Beach House

Beach houses have as their main feature the use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and straw. In the decoration, similar colours and light tones are perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere in the place.

Large terraces and balconies are also very common environments in these styles of houses.

beach house

House styles: beach house with outdoor area integrated with living room


beach house with ribbon window

House styles: beach house with ribbon window facing the sea


To ensure thermal comfort and extra lighting, doors and windows tend to have larger dimensions when compared to other styles of houses.

An interesting tip is to use a brise on the windows. In addition to protecting the environment from the incidence of sunlight, this element brings a differentiated aesthetic to the facade.

beach house with light wood and white walls

House styles: beach house with light wood and white walls


beach house with wooden table

Home styles: beach house with wooden table and white upholstered sofa


beach house with pool

House styles: beach house with pool and neutral decor


As the coastal area has higher humidity, the architect needs to be attentive in the choice of materials to avoid the degradation of objects and other elements.

Another necessary care is the investment in painting maintenance and other touches to ensure the beauty and safety of the work.

2- Country House

Country house projects aim to bring elements of nature and create a cozy atmosphere in the environment. The use of plants helps to compose the decoration and makes the space even more relaxing,

The rustic touch can appear in coatings, furniture, or decorative objects. Wood, of course, is the highlight in country houses. In addition to being timeless, the material is resistant and versatile.

country house

House styles: country house with integrated living room with kitchen


country house kitchen

Simple house styles: country house kitchen


Despite being the star of this type of house style, wood must be used with care so as not to make the environment too heavy.

Regarding the colour palette, the use of warm and earthy tones is indicated to create a feeling of welcome. To bring balance, also include elements with lighter colours that will help to highlight the decoration.

A tip for bringing a touch of modernity to country house styles is to invest in contemporary decor pieces such as paintings.

living room with rustic decor

Home styles: living room with rustic decor


rustic living room

Home styles: rustic living room with light wood furniture and white walls


3- Modern House

When we talk about modern house styles, the possibilities for architecture and decoration are huge. Basically, the modern style is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, but there are some characteristics that are very striking in this type of work. You can check such a type of house at

One of them is the volume game. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower, they create a unique composition for modern homes.

double height

Modern house styles: double height room and mezzanine


kitchen with counter and a small table

Modern house styles: kitchen with counter and a small table


Regarding construction systems, reinforced concrete is the most common choice to bring strength and flexibility to the work. Metal structures are also perfect for creating striking, suspended homes.

Facades often have classic colour combinations such as black and white. The windows of these styles of houses are usually made in tape, bringing more light and thermal comfort to the environment.

facade with neutral tones

Modern house styles: facade with neutral tones



Modern house styles: bedroom with light tones decor and wooden headboard


living room

Modern house styles: living room with neutral tones and glass coffee table


The decoration of a modern home is quite versatile, whether in the colour palette or in the use of decorative objects.

Undoubtedly, it is the ideal type of project for different types of budgets, as it allows you to create styles from small houses to mansions.

4- Contemporary Style House

For customers who like to be a little more daring in their decor, the contemporary style is perfect. Despite having several similarities with the modern style, in this case, it is possible to use more colourful and creative elements.

A widely used option is to invest in furniture with a striking and personalized design, such as this beautiful dining table signed by architect Eduardo Battistelli. It has metal feet and a top in marble composition, inspired by the designs of Canadian oars.

contemporary dining room decor

House styles: contemporary dining room decor


contemporary kitchen decor

Home styles: contemporary kitchen decor


The colours also appear more prominently in the coatings, and the tip here is to be careful not to create too-loaded environments.

Contemporary home styles are also marked by the latest trends, so it’s essential to keep a close eye on what’s new on the market.

living room with contemporary decor

House styles: living room with contemporary decor


contemporary living room with yellow wall and gray sofa

Home styles: contemporary living room with yellow wall and grey sofa


5- Neoclassical Style Houses

The neoclassical style emerged as a movement that aimed to rescue the aesthetic values ​​of Greek and Roman antiquity.

Houses of this type are successful among high-end customers who like neutral colours, monumentality, and environments with classic decor.

neoclassical facade

House styles: neoclassical facade and landscaping


facade with neoclassical style

House styles: facade with neoclassical style


The facades of neoclassical-style houses refer to ancient Greek and Roman constructions. Large columns and friezes are examples of elements that bring this atmosphere.

The entrance porch and large windows are also striking features of this type of work. The colours chosen for the facade are neutral, with a preference for white.

And how is the decoration of a neoclassical style house? An element that cannot be missed is the Boiserie. It is a technique that consists of framing the walls using embossed wooden panels.

Chandeliers, statues, draped curtains, plaster vases, and classic furniture are also examples of what to include in a neoclassical style home decor.

neoclassical style entrance hall

House styles: neoclassical style entrance hall


living room with neoclassical decor

House styles: living room with neoclassical decor


bedroom with neoclassical decor

House styles: bedroom with neoclassical decor

Which of these home styles is your favourite? Share with us in the comments!

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