16 Wooden Walls Ideas For Your Project

When to Use + 16 Wooden Wall Ideas For Your Project

A Wooden Walls Ideas is an option for those looking for a modern and elegant facade. Due to its versatility, it is possible to create various compositions with other materials and achieve a result that will fill your eyes.

To make the right choice, it’s important to know references that will help create the perfect project for the client, isn’t it?

With that in mind, in today’s post, we will explain in more detail the importance of a wall when to use a wooden wall and show 16 inspiring ideas taken from Nova City.

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How Important is the Wall?

Before we talk specifically about the wooden wall, let’s remember the importance of a wall.

It aims to separate the land of a property from the street and neighbours. In addition, this element brings privacy and protection to a building. The wall also has an aesthetic function; after all, it is responsible for the first impression of a property.

It is worth noting that the wall is exposed to the actions of time, such as sun, rain, and wind, among others. Therefore, it is important that it is made with resistant materials.

Wall stones are widely used in facades, as they have high durability and match different styles of houses. Another option is the green wall that, in addition to being beautiful, also contributes to the thermal comfort of the place.

For those who want to give a modern and elegant look to the facade, the wooden wall is one of the most interesting alternatives. Shall we see more details about it?

When to Use Wooden Wall?

Wooden fences and walls are popular with customers looking for a sophisticated facade. Is it an option that looks great, especially in outdoor areas that have a garden? After all, is there a more perfect combination than plants and wood?

Wooden wall

  1. Wooden wall

The wooden wall is also suitable for properties with a rustic style or that are located in the countryside, such as farms. In this case, the tip is to use light wood, which refers to the country’s climate.

light wood wall

The light wood wall looks great in rural areas

The wooden grid for the wall is an option for when the idea is to also use other materials on the facade, such as masonry or stones.

Wooden wall with concrete base

  1. Wooden wall with concrete base


Wooden wall with brick

3. Wooden wall with brick

Wooden fences or walls can be assembled from different cuts, such as slats, boards, or panels. The assembly of the material will define the type of closure and the height of the wall.

Wooden wall for outdoor areas brings comfort and beauty

In addition to being used on the facade, the wooden wall can also be applied in external areas such as gardens, barbecue areas, swimming pool areas, etc. This can be seen in https://skymarketing.com.pk/lahore-smart-city/ homes. In addition to being useful in dividing spaces, this element also adds value to the property and can even increase the resale or rent value. Wooden Walls Ideas

Wooden wall in the pool area

  1. Wooden wall in the pool area

What are the Types of Wood for Walls?

Wooden walls can be manufactured with several different materials according to the style desired by the customer. See which are the best options for your project:

Cherry Tree

Cherry wood is not usually used in walls because of its higher value, but it is one of the most beautiful and resistant options.


The mastic tree has a more affordable value when compared to the cherry tree and also has high durability. To always keep the look beautiful, it is recommend to apply a coat of varnish from time to time.


When we talk about wooden walls, ipe also appears as a great option due to its elegant and versatile aesthetic. Like the cherry tree, it has a slightly higher value, so prepare your pocket if this is your choice.


Cumaru wood is a good choice for facades as it is resistant to fungi.

Wood for Wall: Essential Care

The use of wood in any situation requires some special care. In the case of a wooden wall, it is important to carry out a treatment against the action of time, which must be reapplied periodically.

It is also recommended to apply a layer of varnish to prevent surface moisture and mould formation.

See +12 Examples of Modern Wooden Walls Ideas

Decorated dark wood wall

5. Decorated dark wood wall


Minimalist wooden wall

6. Minimalist wooden wall


Wooden wall in a modern house

7. Wooden wall in a modern house


Decorated wooden wall

8. Decorated wooden wall


Wooden wall with horizontal slats

9. Wooden wall with horizontal slats


Wooden wall with slats of different shades

10. Wooden wall with slats of different shades


Wooden wall with plants and iron details

11. Wooden wall with plants and iron details


Wooden wall with pallets

12. Wooden wall with pallets


Wooden wall with iron

13. Wooden wall with iron


Light wood wall

14. Light wood wall


Wooden grid for the wall

15. Wooden grid for the wall


Facade with wooden grid

16. Facade with a wooden grid

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