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Architect Career

Architecture is a profession that is ever-changing and evolving. Architects are creative problem-solvers who enjoy creating structures and designs that increase efficiency and optimize spaces for communities, homeowners, and businesses. These professionals visualize projects based on client specifications and create plans and blueprints to realize those visions.

There is a lot of software for architects but you don’t need to learn all of this software. Firstly, you have to choose by yourself what you want to do, what you love most while working and what is your interest.

Here are some Career Options for Architects, choose an interesting career by yourself and what you love most.

Some Common Careers for architects and Software used for that career.

• Architectural Drafting
• Urban Planner
• Landscape Architect
• Commercial architect
• 3D Modelling (Interior and Exterior Design and Modelling)

  • Architectural Drafting

An Architectural drafter works on an architectural project like House Planning and detailing of same. Architect plans typically have in-depth 2D drawings that are easy to understand, and they can specialize in a specific building type, such as commercial, industrial or residential.

SoftwareAutoCAD, Revit

  • Urban Planner

An urban planner develops ideas for public lands and considers how the public can most efficiently and enjoyably use spaces in their community. They believe in the community’s needs, accounting for population growth and amenities, like city planners, town planners, regional planners, environmental planners, economic development specialists or other similar combinations.

SoftwareAutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, City CAD

  • Landscape Architect

A landscape architect designs plant life and vegetation structures, like parks, gardens, walkways and playgrounds. They create a concept for space, design it using digital architectural software and present their plans to clients for approval.

SoftwareAutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion

  • Commercial Architect

A commercial architect designs and develops ideas for commercial spaces. They develop designs that consider the movement of people and the purpose of the building, like a shopping mall or an apartment complex. Commercial architects draw the designs, choose the materials and present them to the clients.

SoftwareAutoCAD, Revit, Chief Architect

  • 3D Modelling (Interior and Exterior Design and Modelling)

3D modelling and visualization are widely used for prototyping buildings and manufactured objects, for creating volumetric 3D Models and designs, for presentations, and during the production process of any product or packaging.

SoftwareAutoCAD, SketchUP, 3Ds MAX, V-ray, Lumion

Always do what you like most.

If You want to learn something more about architectural plans & house plans etc. Click Below on the Given Links.

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