Standard Size of PEB Building Drawings

PEB Building Drawing

Before reading & Downloading PEB Drawings, personally, I recommended you watch these videos first.

1- Basic Introduction About PEB Building.


2- PEB Building Procedure Step by Step.


3-Big Mistake In Civil Work of Warehouse Construction.


4- Watch Full Series of PEB Building Mechanical & Civil Work.


Here you can download PEB building drawings in PDF.

Name of the file-

PEB Building Drawings

  • Anchor Bolt Plan
  • Part Mark Plan (Important)
  • End Wall Framing and Sheeting Elevation
  • End Wall Section
  • Roof Frame Plan & Details
  • Roof Details
  • Side Wall Framing, Sheeting & Elevation Details

For Downloading all Files Please Click PDF Icon.




Declaimer:- All designs or drawing on this website are only for Leaning purposes or as sample files. Do not use any Drawings as commercial. @tutorialstipscivil


                         load bearing structure

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