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What Is Hidden Beam? Concealed beam

What is hidden beam?

  • Hidden beam is defined as the beam whose depth is equal to the thickness of the slab. They are also known as “Concealed beam ”.
  • The Hidden beam is a virtual beam that was originated by some one to make use of the BEAM free head room.

Why it is used ?

  • The concept of concealed beam originated from flat slab concept.
  • Hidden Beams only means to spread the concentrated load of the walls on the slab area. 

hidden beam

Where it used in buildings ?

  • Hidden beams are generally inserted within the suspended slabs where slab thickness is considerable.
  • Hidden beam is provided between living and dining spaces right angle to each other. This gives a neat and level ceiling surface that is good for the look.

Advantages of using hidden beam.

hidden beam

  • By providing concealed beam floor height can achieved, clears way for electromechanical duct work, economical and also aesthetic appearance of the building.
  • This is more applicable in commercial buildings.

Most Important  Point.

  • However a hidden beam have the same depth as the slab, but it is reinforced separately from the slab and have stirrups and longitudinal bars just as a normal beam; hence not seen once the slab is casted.





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