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calculate: How to cutting length of rectangular stirrups?

How to calculate cutting length of rectangular stirrups

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        a= 200 mm,      b= 600 mm

Column Size = 200 x 600

Stirrups bar size = 8mm


Hook Length = 10d or 75 mm

45° Bend  = 1d

90° Bend  = 2d

135° Bend  = 3d


a= 200-(2𝑥25) = 150

b= 600-(2𝑥25) = 550

 Cutting length of rectangular stirrups

Cutting Length = (2𝑥a) +(2𝑥b) +No. of hook-(No. of  90 degree bend)  -(No. of 135 degree  bend )

Cutting Length = (2𝑥a) +(2𝑥b) +(2𝑥10𝑥d) -(3𝑥2𝑥d) -(2𝑥3𝑥d)

 length = (2𝑥150) +(2𝑥550) +(2𝑥10𝑥8) -(3𝑥2𝑥8) -(2𝑥3𝑥8)

= 1464 mm

= 1.464 m

Weight of stirrups

= d2/162 x(Cutting Length)

= 82/162 x 1.464 = 0.578 kg

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