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Calculation: Cutting Length of Circular Stirrups

Calculation of Cutting Length of Circular Stirrups

Before calculate any BBS please read Civil Structure drawing care fully.

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Given value  in drawing.

Diameter        = 500mm

Clear Cover    = 40mm (Add half of ring dia  in clear cover for effecting clear                                    cover)

Effecting clear cover = 44mm

Ring Dia  =  8mm

For Hooks  = 10d or 75mm

Band  = 3d for 135°

For Hooks  = 10d or 75mm

Band  = 3d for 135° (In circular stirrups band of hooks is 135° )  

Formula for calculate circular stirrups

Length of Circular ring  = Circumference of Ring + 2 numbers of hooks – 2 numbers of 135° bends

Circumference of ring         = 2丌r

Diameter of ring             d    =500

Radius or column             r  =d/2 =500/2

Radius of ring                         = 250-44 =206

Length of Circular ring     = Circumference of ring + 2 no. of hooks – Bend Deduction 

Length of Circular ring      =(2𝑥3.14𝑥206)+(2𝑥10𝑥8)-(2𝑥3𝑥8)

                                                      1405.6 mm


Download Excel sheet for this calculation

excel sheet



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